Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign / SAOL Project: Stop the Stigma Training for Professionals


Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign in partnership with the SAOL Project has developed a training programme exploring the impact of stigma, and particularly drug-related stigma, on service providers and service users. The training aims to support services in becoming more aware of the impact of drug-related stigma and to take practical steps towards becoming anti-stigma services. This training is the result of research commissioned by Citywide following their own findings of the pervasive and enduring impact of drug-related stigma on people and communities1 . It was developed using a co-design process that put the experiences of people who use or have used drugs at its centre and incorporates learning from similar models of anti-stigma training in Ireland, the UK and internationally. The pilot training was subsequently evaluated by a team of researchers from Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

28th September 9.30 to 4 (lunch Provided)
29th September 9.30 to 1

10th October: 9.30 to 4 (lunch Provided )
11th October : 9.30 to 1

24th October: 9.30 to 4 (lunch Provided)
25th October 9.30 to 1

Training Session for People Who Use Services
9th November 9.30 to 4 (lunch Provided)
10th November 9.30 to 1

For more information please contact:
Reidin Dunne
Head of Services
01 8553391

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