Create and Counterpoints Arts: 2022 School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice

Create and Counterpoints Arts


Create and Counterpoints Arts are pleased to announce the 2022 School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice for up to 15 artists. We are delighted to host the 2022 School in person over five days: 13-17 July, at Killary Lodge, Co Galway.

The deadline for submission is 6 June, 5pm

About the Summer School

Influenced by global and translocal practices, the Summer School is shaped by the diverse life experiences of participants and the work and mentoring of visiting artists and facilitators.

The School’s focus on both learning and defamiliarising habituated practices is informed by the everyday realities of cultural diversity and the values and methodologies underpinning collaborative arts practice.

The interdisciplinary curriculum and composition of participants and facilitators enables a conversation about the significance and impact of cultural diversity in people’s intimate lives, in neighbourhoods and within communities of place.

The 2022 edition of the School will further focus on the cultural and political understandings of ‘place’ in a world increasingly shaped by displacement and uncertainty.

Lines of inquiry include the following interconnected questions, among others:

  • How does cultural diversity resonate as a dynamic part of everyday life; and, by extension, how might the language around cultural diversity be challenged and repositioned?
  • What does place, community, and belonging mean in an age of human displacement?
  • How can working cooperatively form a part of the artistic (socially engaged) process, as a driver for meaningful change in local places and alongside communities?
  • How can cultural diversity, collaborative arts practice and place be understood in the context of de-colonisation and global displacement?
  • How do we connect and collaborate – as communities of artists, cultural actors and activists – despite the turbulence of local/global displacement.

The School will take the form of a five-day residency enabling a ‘think and do’ collaborative approach, utilising a combination of creative workshops, critical and comparative case studies, a creative group challenge, one-to-one mentoring, together with international guest artists including curators, policymakers and activists.

Directed by: Dr Áine O’Brien – Curator of Learning and Research and Co-Founder, Counterpoints Arts
Co-Facilitator– Isabel Lima, Independent Artist and Director of The Gresham Horse project

Visiting artists and facilitators include:

  • Natalia Palombo, Director, Deveron Projects, Huntly, Scotland
  • Ismail Einashe, Investigative Journalist and Cultural Activist
  • Sarah Allen, Director of MozFest

Artist in the Community Scheme (AIC)

A key aim of the Summer School is to create a peer-to-peer space in which to explore the concept of cultural diversity and collaborative practice through the lens of the Artist in the Community Scheme (AIC), which has to date resulted in rich cultural ecosystems and cross-sector methodologies.

The AIC scheme aims to encourage and support meaningful collaboration between artists and communities of place and/or interest, and supports dynamic collaborations across art forms and context areas across the country.

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