Carmichael’s Spring Summer 2022 Scheduled Training Programme continues


Carmichael’s Spring Summer 2022 Scheduled Training Programme continues:

Boards, Chairs and CEOs: Roles, Relationships and Boundaries – Online

(10.00am–12.30pm – Tues, 10th May 2022)

Topics on the course:

  • Roles and responsibilities - Board, CEO, Chair
  • Governance vs. Management
  • Division of responsibilities
  • Communication between CEO and Chair (Board)
  • HR sub-committee (CEO Selection, Review, Remuneration, Succession Planning)
  • CEO role in relation to the Board
  • CEO performance appraisals - how to conduct appropriately
  • Board only sessions
  • Code of conduct
  • Board evaluation (its value and purpose)
  • Board Dilemmas

PowerPoint – Create Infographics for your Non-Profit Organisation - Online

(10.00am-12.00pm – Thurs,12th May 2022)

In this short course you will learn how to create infographics in PowerPoint:

  • Story - we'll start by considering your data and how best to display it for maximum impact.
  • Colour - you'll understand the importance of colour and how to choose additional colours that complement each other and apply this in themes.
  • Design - you'll learn the fundamental basics to arrange shapes to create infographics. Shapes - you’ll learn advanced tools to allow you to create any shape imaginable.
  • Icons - you'll learn how to use icons, change the colours and edit the icons. You'll discover where to find additional icons if you cannot find the right one in PowerPoint.
  • Format - you'll learn how to use special effects with both shapes and text. You'll learn time- saving tips and tricks to make your infographic looks professional.

The Role of Company Secretary - Online

(10.00am–12.00pm – Tues, 17th May 2022)

Learn about the practical and legal responsibilities and liabilities of the Company Secretary of a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG). Topics covered during this workshop include:

  • The Companies Act 2014 – implications for new and existing CLG
  • The governing instrument – company constitution
  • Legal duties of a Company Secretary
  • Administrative duties assigned by the Board to a Company Secretary
  • Appointing a Company Secretary
  • Administrative obligations of a company to the CRO
  • Compiling documentation for board meetings and AGM
  • Role of Company Secretary as a trusted Board advisor

PowerPoint – Taking your presentations to the next level - Online

(10.00am-12.00pm – Thurs, 19th May 2022)

You will learn how to create advanced content that will include:

  • Advanced photo editing tips
  • how to insert and edit video and sound content
  • how to animate content
  • how to add slide transitions and how they can be used with your content
  • an overview of the 'presenter view' and how to use this function when presenting
  • How to make your presentation interactive with a Live demonstration of Poll Everywhere

Running An Effective Meeting - Online

(10.00am–12.00pm – Tues, 24th May 2022)

Organisations need effective meetings, but these do not happen without correct procedures, preparation and planning. This practical workshop provides the tools needed to run and contribute to online and face-to-face meetings. It covers the purpose of meetings; challenging behaviour; agendas; decision-making; and minutes.

Introduction to MS Forms - Online

(2.30pm-4.30pm – Wed, 25th May 2022)

Anyone needing a better understanding of how to get the most out of MS Forms, to easily create surveys and polls to collect client feedback, measure employee satisfaction, organize team events and much more. Outline:

  • How to access Forms
  • Difference between Form and Quiz
  • Create a form - Different types of question: Choice, Text, Rating, Date
  • Reconfiguring the form: moving questions around, copying questions, deleting questions
  • Formatting the form - Theme
  • Create a Quiz
  • Sharing the link to the form - inside/outside the organisation
  • Share to collaborate on form creation
  • Capturing responses
  • Viewing Forms dashboard
  • Viewing individual entries
  • Viewing Excel spreadsheet
  • Limits to forms: Excel sheet, updating it
  • Q&A

The Role of the Treasurer - Online

(10.00am-12.00pm – Tues, 31st May 2022)

This course is aimed at treasurers serving on the Boards of non-profit organisations or people thinking of serving in that capacity. The outline of the course and its motifs are listed below:

  • Main duties of a treasurer in any organisation.
  • Treasurer duties in charities and companies.
  • Basic financial management for non-profits.
  • Ensuring your non-profit is financially accountable.
  • Preparing budget projections.

All participants will receive a helpful time-saving resource in the form of Financial Policy template adaptable for their own use and containing best practice.

Board Roles & Responsibilities - Online

(3pm-6pm – Wed, 15th June 2022)

Are you a Board member of a voluntary or community group? Are you unsure of what is expected of you? Do you want to ensure your organisation is governed in accordance with good practice?

This session will demystify Board members' roles and responsibilities and give you tools to enhance your contribution and the effectiveness of your Board. It outlines the purpose of the board as a whole in relation to governance and management. We then examine the specific roles of individual board members and in particular, their legal responsibilities and duties under the Charities Act (2009) and the Companies Act (2014). The workshop will finish with a discussion on typical problems arising within boards and some practical solutions to deal with them.

Excel Experts – Visualise your Data with PowerBI – Online

(2.30pm–4.30pm – Wed, 22nd June 2022)

This course will suit experienced excel users wanting to learn more about PowerBI and how it can help working with multiple data sources. Learn how to combine multiple data sources to create beautiful visual representations of your data – using Microsoft’s PowerBI.

Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 – Productivity Tools – Online

(10.00am–12.00pm – starting Tues, 28th June 2022)

This course will take place on Zoom over 2 sessions: 10am-12pm 28/06/2022 & 10am-12pm 05/07/2022. In this course you will learn productivity tips from the following Microsoft programs:

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote

Full details of the Spring Summer 2022 Scheduled Training Programme which runs until 12th July here.

Free Resources from Carmichael

Through our resource library we share articles, case-studies and templates to improve your organisation’s effectiveness, governance and accountability. A new resource just added is Managing Boards in a hybrid environment

A Board/Trustee Governance Handbook Template has been developed by Carmichael as part of our ongoing efforts to support non-profit organisations. In developing this free handbook, Carmichael sought to reflect the principles and standards of the Charities Governance Code but it can be used by any non-profit organisation. This handbook is a template and it should be amended/tailored to reflect your own charity or other non-profit.

Carmichael Podcast – 22 episodes available where Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, chat with different guests on various governance topics.

E-Learning courses

The Non-Profit eLearning Bundle consist of 5 modules for a special bundle price of €300: Governance and Charities Governance Code Carmichael (eLearning), Employing Staff and Managing Human Resources (eLearning), Financial Management for Non-Profits (eLearning), Business and Organisation Development for Non-Profits (eLearning), Marketing and Sales for Non-Profits (eLearning)

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