Engaging Dementia: Training / Workshops

Sonas Programme Training: Starting 13th May (Online & in-person training)

The Sonas Programme is a therapeutic activity delivered as group and individual sessions for people with moderate to severe dementia. The sessions involve stimulation of all five senses, gentle physical exercise, quality engagement and relaxation. The Sonas Course is a two level course It involves online and face to face training & work-based learning, with certification then issued for two years.

  • Level 1 involves training to deliver the Sonas Individual Multisensory Session and Sonas Individual Relaxing Session.
  • Level 2 involves training to deliver the Sonas Group Session. Upon completion of Level 1, a person is certified to carry out Sonas Individual sessions. Upon completion of Level 2, a person is also certified to carry out the Sonas Group Session.
  • Course learning outcomes include an understanding of communication, the experience of dementia, the benefits of sensory stimulation, and the Sonas Programme.

Registration link: https://engagingdementia.ie/product/s453/

Dementia Friendly Gardening: 29th April (Online)

In this workshop we will explore how to plan a dementia friendly garden and some tips on how to improve the garden that you already have. You will also have access to specific advice for your garden from Joyce.

The outdoors provides a wide range of opportunities for engagement, occupation and activity for a person with dementia.

The benefits of dementia-friendly garden activities: 1. Provides gentle sensory, social and cognitive stimulation. Increases wellbeing, reduces stress, and improves orientation to time and place. Provides opportunities to enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. Reminds a person of familiar roles and memories. Helps maintain flexibility and muscle tone

Registration link: https://engagingdementia.ie/product/dementia-friendly-gardening-workshop-april/

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) workshop: 26th May (Online)

This 1-day workshop will give learners an overview of how to deliver Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST).

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) was developed by Dr Aimee Spector, a psychologist in the University College London, and her colleagues based on research they had done into therapeutic activities with people with dementia. CST involves a series of 14 sessions designed to support people with dementia to maintain their cognitive functions, support them with day to day activities, and provide a socially stimulating group activity. A significant amount of research has been done on CST, providing evidence of its effectiveness. The workshop involves teaching, group exercises, role-play and video observation. It is delivered by Dr Michelle Kelly, Lecturer in Psychology, National College of Ireland and Accredited CST Trainer.

Registration link: https://engagingdementia.ie/product/cst-workshop/

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