Diabetes Ireland: Type 2 Online Education Programme


CODE is Diabetes Ireland’s group education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes or with a diagnosis of prediabetes.

Each CODE (online) programme consists of 4 sessions, The first 3 sessions are over 3 consecutive weeks, and the final session takes place 6 months later. Each session is 2 hours in duration.

CODE (online) aims to deliver general information about diabetes self-management in a supported online setting. The groups are facilitated by Diabetes Ireland Health Professionals, a Nurse or Dietitian, and kept to a maximum of 12 participants, allowing people to talk in a supportive, non-judgemental environment about their own diabetes.

The programme aims to support participants to set goals and support each other with tools for self-management.

Time is allocated during the programme for problem solving, people’s feedback on diabetes self-management, behaviours and goal settling. Diabetes knowledge and skills are reinforced and the responsibility for the personal self-management of diabetes is gradually strengthened.

Our flexible approach allows the sessions to be tailored to meet the self-identified needs of each individual.

Topics Covered in Code Online Include:

  • Diabetes Explained
  • Signs & Symptoms/ Risk factors
  • Blood Glucose Management
  • Healthy Eating with T2 diabetes and advice on carbohydrates and Serving sizes
  • Physical Activity ands its Benefits
  • Planning Behaviour Change
  • Complications Relating to Diabetes – Importance of a Regular Annual Review, & What the Tests Mean
  • Supports Available

*** Please note this course is only for People living Type 2 diabetes and Pre diabetes only ***

To register your interest to attend a CODE (online) EDUCATION Programme 2022 please complete the form here: https://www.diabetes.ie/living-with-diabetes/living-with-type-2/diabete…

For further information on Diabetes Awareness Sessions for Care staff/ Service Providers caring for persons with diabetes contact us at info@diabetes.ie

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