TIP-UP: Trauma Informed Practice Under Pressure Workshop – January and February 2022 dates

TIP-UP: Trauma Informed Practice Under Pressure Workshop

We are delighted to launch our brand-new masterclass, Trauma Informed Practice Under Pressure, a follow on workshop for those who have previously completed our Trauma Informed Practice in Ireland Training.

This half day workshop, delivered online, via zoom, will support participants to develop a nuanced understanding of their own nervous systems, and how they can support effective, positive co-regulation with service users, particularly in challenging situations. By participating in this workshop participants will develop a range of skills to become more trauma-informed in their practice, including how to:

  • Increase awareness of your own internal stress reactions and how this impacts on your ability to create psychological safety for yourself and service users
  • Develop techniques for creating psychological safety through self-investigation and self-settling
  • Develop skills to become more present, calm and trauma-informed when faced with challenging situations at work
  • Apply self-reflection and reaction techniques through case-studies and role plays relating to challenging conversations with clients and colleagues
  • Learn about exciting new theoretical developments in psychology and trauma-informed practice, with a focus on the polyvagal theory, neuroception and co-regulation

Workshop dates:

  • Friday the 28th January 2022 (9am to 1pm ONLINE)
  • Friday the 25th February 2022 (9am to 1pm ONLINE)

Requirements for Participants:

Only those who have completed our 1.5 day Trauma Informed Practice in Ireland training programme can participate

Training Approach

The training will be highly interactive, with a primary focus on practical skills development for managing the self in challenging workplace situations. It will involve grounding, self-reflection, interactive discussions, case studies and role play. Participants who find periods of introspection, quietness mindfulness etc. triggering or challenging may wish to have a conversation with the training coordinator, Yvonne Davis, in order to ascertain suitability of the workshop to them.

Cost and Booking

Attendance at this training costs €75 and you can book directly via our website https://traumainformedcareireland.com/tipmasterclass/ or by emailing yvonne@qualitymatters.ie

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