Future in Perspective: Media & Video Workshop for Youth Workers- Free Online Seminar

Media & Video Workshop- For youth workers- Free Online Seminar

The Media & Video Workshop will support Youth workers to engage young people in using their media skills to tackle, mental health, fake news

About this event

This workshop aims to support youth professionals to develop their skills and confidence in the area of digital media production, so that they can be comfortable using the techniques and medium of film-making with young people. It will also look at supporting young people to overcome their mental health issues and to develop healthier habits and behaviours, using video tools.

The workshop will also have a small section of resources on how to enhance the Creative Writing skills of young people and would encourage young people to complete a short blog and contribute to a piece of media content. This looks at empowering young citizens to bring them together, under a community media banner intent on promoting real news and tackling fake news about their local community.

Media & Video production  workshop Thursday 9th Dec 10am-11.30am- Using video and media resources to support young people in engaging in their own mental health and creativity

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25th Nov, 2021
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