Earn your BPS/EFPA Psychometric Test User Qualification – Training with Selection by Design

Selection by Design’s registration is now open for training leading to the BPS/EFPA Occupational Test User qualifications. Learn to assess abilities, aptitudes, and personality (16pf®). Gain critical knowledge and practical skills in testing for recruitment, selection, talent development and career guidance counselling.

Our upcoming courses delivered online:

  • Test User: Occupational, Ability: 9-10 Nov 2021
  • Test User: Occupational, Personality: 15-16 Nov 2021

Live interactive course hours 1:00 – 5:00 pm (Irish time) each day.

Why train in Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing is an essential component of best practice in employment decisions today. Holding the professional skills and credentials of a trained Test User adds measurable value to your business and personal profile.

Selection by Design’s Occupational Test User training is the key to providing your clients or employer with the many benefits of psychometric testing.

  • Conduct tests of ability, aptitude, career interest, and personality.
  • Achieve THE internationally recognised, professional qualifications in this area.
  • Gain skills now in high demand across the globe.
  • Complete both Occupational Test User courses in just 4 days!

Who is Selection by Design’s training for?

SxD’s psychometric test training is indispensable for professionals working in recruitment, human resource management, psychology, coaching and career guidance counselling.

Students who would like to add the Test User qualifications to their CV are welcome and eligible for discounted rates.

With no prerequisite qualifications needed, our training is suitable for persons from a wide range of specializations.

Unique features of Selection by Design’s Occupational Test Training:

  • Courses provided by a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified Chartered and Occupational Psychologists, with our lead trainer as the Senior Occupational Testing Verifier for the British Psychological Society.
  • Limited course enrolment means high-level personal attention and opportunities for interaction.
  • Complete and learn to use a wide range of psychometric tests from publishers throughout the UK and North America.
  • Our Test User Personality training provides specialization in the world-renowned 16pf®. SxD is the Irish supplier for this ‘gold standard’ of personality assessment.
  • Unparalleled post-course support to get you started as a professional Occupational Test User!

Rates and Registration

Test User: Occupational Ability: €950
Test User: Occupational, Personality: €1150
Dual course discount rate: €1950

Register now at SelectionxDesign.com.

Student rates are available with verification.

Find out more at our website: SelectionxDesign.com
Email: info@selectionxdesign.com
Call: (+353) 01 653 2135

Registration deadline: 7 Nov 2021.
Early enrolment highly recommended!

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