FIT Pre-Tech Apprenticeship Local Training Initiative (

This Programme aims to provide a hands-on and supported foundational learning environment, encouraging learners to study further and seek relevant employment opportunities confidently.
Specifically, learners will be able to determine their level of interest and suitability for an ICT support role. They will be able to make informed choices and decide whether the role of Network Engineer, Software Developer, or Cybersecurity is their preferred employment area of specialism/interest or whether they should pursue a Pre-Tech Apprenticeship option.
Learners will gain valuable ‘in-demand’ IT certification by completing this LTI initiative. Learners who complete the programme successfully would be eligible to apply to work in an entry role of first support in an ICT enterprise setting and will be equipped with knowledge of the appropriate working environment.

Learners on FIT Pre-Tech Apprenticeship will be able to avail of:

  • Full and part-time employment in relevant work occupations locally,
  • Opportunities in the local tech industry, business support, and services sectors,
  • Progress to a Pre-Tech Apprenticeships and thereafter employer sponsorship on the Tech Apprenticeship Programme for which FIT is the national coordinating provider.
  • Progress onto other apprenticeship programmes, traineeships, or other employer-based training initiatives (on the job training),
  • Access other FET vocational programmes, specific skills training, or labour activation mechanisms.

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