ADAPT Research Centre: Debunked Workshop - How to Tell Fact from Fiction

Debunked is a free workshop to help people identify misleading or misrepresented information and provide some tools and skills to separate fact from fiction.


When:  Wed June 23 6.30-8.30
How to Join: 
People can sign up to take part on our eventbrite page

More about the workshop

Debunked is a public workshop that aims to provide some tools and skills to help people separate fact from fiction.

Misleading information can be intentional (think fake news) or unintentional (by not following accepted conventions). In turn, we share the information we encounter on WhatsApp or Facebook, believing it to be true only to realize later that it was wrong. Let’s be honest, it has happened to most of us.

Data literacy skills are the tools we can use to correctly interpret information and recognise misleading information when we see it. In today's ever more data and visual-driven worlds, these skills are crucial. However, they are rarely taught to most of us. In an effort to tackle this universal problem ADAPT and Trinity College are running an informative, fun, and engaging public event to help people uncover these incidents of “fake news”.

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