The Sanctuary: Mindful Warrior Programme


The Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme

A programme enabling young people to travel a safe, mindful path on the journey from child to adult.

On successful completion of a 5-day training course, facilitators will have the skills and tools to deliver the Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme in their own school or youth centre.

What is the Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme for Young People?

The programme is one of the core mindfulness-based programmes developed for young people at the Sanctuary.

  • Developed to best serve the needs of a cohort of young people who require an alternative, experiential-led approach to their development
  • Particularly suited to young people from 6th class to 2nd year, who are finding the journey to maturity and social integration challenging
  • Links into many aspects of the school curriculum and youth development programmes

Over 10 weeks, the programme encourages a group of young people to understand the concept of the Mindful Warrior and to explore how they can integrate the Warrior Journey into their everyday life, relationships and community.

Train as a Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme Facilitator

The Sanctuary has now developed a facilitator training course for teachers and youth workers who, after completion of the course, will be able to deliver the Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme in their own school or youth centre.

Key Goals of Facilitator Training

At the end of this course, the facilitator will have:

  • An understanding of the importance of the concept of initiation, applied to the lives of young people today
  • Be invited into deepening their own practice of youth work/education in a mindfully reflective way
  • Have the skills and resources to deliver the Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme in 10 x 1hour sessions over ten weeks

Core Components of the Training Programme

Trainees will be provided with the pedagogy tools and techniques to enable them to deliver on the core learning outcomes for the young people they are working with. The experiential training is supported by a course manual which will act as a reference guide for facilitators.

Trainees who successfully complete the course will be provided with the key resources needed to deliver the Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme including:

  • The Sanctuary Mindful Warrior facilitator manual
  • Facilitator’s notes on each lesson
  • PowerPoint slideshow of each lesson
  • References to audio and video clips

Dates and Venue

The training course will take place in the Sanctuary, Dublin 7 over two weekends on the following dates:

The next course will take place Monday, 16th- Friday, 20th August 2021

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Training course costs

The cost of the training course is €595 per person

For further details see the introductory video ( on the concept of the Mindful Warrior

Contact us

For further Information please email or telephone 016705419. Or visit the website:

About the Sanctuary The Sanctuary, founded by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, is a meditation and mindfulness centre in the heart of Dublin City. Its vision is to be STILLNESS in the world. The Sanctuary works with young people, with teachers and youth workers through its Sanctuary for Youth People programmes.

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