Create video content without going on camera

Are you keen to create regular video content without going on camera? Then why not create a photo montage film from photos you have taken on your smartphone and become a video storyteller?
My online course will help you add video content to your next project, case study or report and get more engagement.

A photo montage film is created from photos and you can tell a story with them by adding motion, animation, engaging text and emotional music.

You will learn the basics of using the Filmora 9 desktop video editing software and it is available here now for €29.99.

The course will teach you how to

  • Choose photos to create certain types of films
  • How to label your photos
  • How to add headline titles to your film to engage the viewer
  • How to use the software Filmora9 to add movement to the images and add transitions.
  • Add music and your logo to the film
  • Animate text to appear on screen over your moving photos
  • Export your film ready to use online or for display on your computer

So why not add video to your next project or even create one from photos sitting on your laptop not doing anything and become a video storyteller without having to shoot any video.

Click here now to find out more:

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28th Apr, 2021
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28th Jun, 2021