Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training Course

What is Community Reinforcement Approach?

Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is an evidence-based treatment for people with alcohol and other drug problems that has the disarmingly simple aim of making a sober lifestyle more rewarding than one that involves the use of substances. CRA is a simple and powerful approach to working with alcohol and other drug problems that can be used by professionals right across the psychotherapy, mental health and social care fields.

Over the past few years, many addiction treatment centres have supported their staff in becoming accredited CRA therapists which has enhanced their work with clients in recovery from substance use. However, while many organisations have integrated CRA into their primary programmes, there is often little support for family members of those substance users, who play a crucial role in supporting and maintaining their loved one’s recovery process.

What is Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training?

Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training (CRAFT) is a sister model of CRA and is an evidence-based treatment programme for family members of substance users. CRAFT is designed to increase the chances of the substance user entering into treatment as well as improving the lives of the Concerned Significant Others (CSO’s).

CRAFT grew out of the understanding that although individuals (Loved Ones) who need help with substance use problems are often strongly opposed to treatment, their CSO’s are typically highly motivated to get help for them. However, CSO’s often have not been given the appropriate tools to support them in helping a Loved One (LO) into treatment.

CRAFT grew out of The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA). While working with substance users, it became apparent to CRA therapists that CSO’s not only had a lot of contact with LO’s but had access to powerful reinforcers in their lives which could help to motivate positive change. Also many substance users report that they entered into treatment due to family influence. Therefore, CRAFT views CSO’s as crucial collaborators in engaging substance users into treatment and supporting them throughout their recovery process. Offering effective treatment for family members is valuable for the CSO’s themselves who live with a multitude of daily stressors associated with addiction within the family.

CRAFT 3 Main Goals:

  • To support the substance user into treatment;
  • To help decrease the substance user’s drug-taking;
  • To increase the happiness of the CSO, independent of whether the substance user enters into treatment or not

Some comparison studies in the U.S. show that CRAFT trained CSO’s were 2-5 times more likely to get LO’s into treatment (64% engaged) as were CSO’s in Al-Anon (13% engaged) or The Johnson Institute Intervention (30% engaged). CSO’s themselves also showed improved functioning and happiness. (Sisson & Azrin, 1986.)

CRAFT Training Course:

The CRAFT training course fulfils the basic training requirement for the participant to go on and seek accreditation as a CRAFT Therapist. Additional study and supervised practice will be required in order to achieve accreditation as a CRAFT Therapist.

Dates, location & cost:

The dates for the course are the 27th and 28th April 2021 from 9:30 to 4:30 and the training is via Zoom. (Details given once payment received).

The cost of the two day course is €250.00 and this fee includes all handouts, materials and a certificate of completion for continuing professional development purposes. A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded on completion of the training.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the two day course participants will;

  • have an understanding of how to use the skills of positive reinforcement within a behaviour change context
  • have experience practicing the skills of CRAFT
  • have some ideas of how CRAFT could be used in their work with their current clients
  • have completed the foundational level of training needed to become a CRAFT therapist

How to book:

Contact Yvonne on 087-9081189 or by Friday 23rd April 2021.

About the trainer:

Yvonne Booth is an accredited CRA/CRAFT supervisor and trainer (trained by the co-developer of CRA, Professor Robert J Meyers) and has trained staff in a number of Primary Addiction Agencies within Ireland. Yvonne is an accredited Psychotherapist and previously managed a range of addiction services where she successfully integrated and rolled out the CRA and CRAFT approach into existing addiction treatment models.

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