Recovery College Online Workshops - April 2021

Recovery College South East, Kilkenny - Upcoming Online Workshops for April 2021

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Building my Self Confidence ( 2 afternoon workshops)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Monday 12th and Monday 19th April

Times: 2pm – 4pm

Although self-confidence can mean different things to different people, in reality it simply means having belief in you.

Confidence is also a result of our life experiences and how we've learned to react to different situations.

The aim of this 2 part workshop is:

  • To explore and understand the role self-confidence can play in our lives,
  • To develop a resourceful toolkit of practical skills, strategies and tips to increase self-confidence.

Co-Production: Working Together ( 2 afternoon workshops)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Tuesday 13th and Tuesday 20th April

Times: 1.30 pm – 4.30pm

Co-Production has emerged and been identified as a concept that helps in the delivery of recovery orientated services within the mental health arena (BOBAIRD 2007; Dunston et al. 2009)

The process of co-production can occur in various different ways and many areas around the country have been successfully working in co-production.

This workshop is practical in nature and will involve group exercises that are designed to increase your skills and enhance your competence in all aspects of Co-Production.

The aim of this 2 part series of workshops is to:

  • Explore the co-production process and how it works within mental health services.
  • Explore Co-Production and Recovery Education
  • Understand and learn more about the role of Personal Narratives in Co-Production.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety ( 4 week evening workshop)

Venue: ZOOM

Date: Tuesday 13th, 20th, 27th April and Tuesday 4th May

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Everyone experiences periods of anxiety at some stage in their lives. We can feel tense, uncertain, fearful or nervous. Anxiety is a word used to describe these moments of discomfort. Anxiety can change from something everyone experiences in mild forms, to something which is persistent, excessive or over-whelming. It can begin to interfere with many aspects of your life – from confidence, to physical wellbeing and engagement in basic or complex activities of living.

The aim of this 4-part workshop is:

  • to explore the facts and origins of anxiety,
  • explore the causes and symptoms associated with anxiety
  • look at and how anxiety affects people in different ways –
  • Explore practical and effective ways of managing and living with anxiety

Understanding Medication (Morning Workshop)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Wednesday 14th April

Times: 11am – 1pm

In this workshop we will explore potential side effects of medication as well as other available options. We will also discuss access to reliable information re medication as well as who to contact if you have any questions in the future. This workshop will give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To give you a chance to talk about the use of medications, the benefits, the challenges and how we can manage their use more effectively.

Families and Recovery Models (Morning Workshop)

Venue: ZOOM

Date: Wednesday 14th April

Times: 11am – 1pm

This workshop explores the dynamics of family recovery and the various models of recovery which can be of assistance to help families recover from mental health challenges.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To explore the concept of family recovery
  • To discuss the challenges and factors that support family recovery
  • To look at models of recovery and how they can promote family recovery

Understanding and Managing Depression ( 4 week Workshop)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Friday 16th, 23rd, 30th April and Friday 7th May

Times: 11am – 1pm

Depression can be experienced differently from person to person. This 4-part workshop helps you to explore depression and understand what it means to you and how you can manage it effectively.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To explore what depression is and the factors that may lead to depression
  • To provide practical and effective ways to help promote recovery from depression

Personal Narrative ( 3 week Afternoon Workshops)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Tuesday 27th April and Tuesday 4th and 11th May

Times: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Everyone one of us has a story to tell. Stories entertain us, inform us and can help us to make sense of our world and our life experience. The use and benefit of personal narrative in metal health recovery is well established and documented (Egglestone, 2019).

This 3-part workshop will introduce the topic of personal narrative and discuss some of the main aspects of its safe use in promoting and advancing recovery.

The aim of this workshop is:

  • To explore the positive role of personal narrative in mental health recovery
  • To look at some of the potential risks associated with personal narrative
  • To discuss practical ways of developing and delivering personal narrative

Mental Health and Family Caring Programme (5 week morning workshops)

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Wednesday 28th April, Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th May

Times: 11am – 1pm

This workshop will support you in building skills to look after your own wellbeing whilst caring for a person living with a mental health challenge.

The Aim of this workshop is :

  • To reflect on and build tools and techniques to enhance self-care
  • Expanded your understanding of the concepts of mental health, mental illness and recovery
  • Increased awareness around boundaries with regard to personal wellbeing and the caring role
  • To learn more about communication skills and active listening techniques
  • Learn about what supports and services are available for families role

Lunchtime Wellbeing

Venue: ZOOM

Dates: Wednesday 28th April

Times: 1pm – 1.45pm

Do you make quality time for yourself in your day? Do you find it hard to take time out? This wellbeing session is a safe space for you to relax, unwind and refresh.

The session will include a variety of meditative practices such as mindfulness, visualization and self-compassion as well as some simple and easy to do Tai Chi and Yoga movements. No previous experience of these practices is necessary to join the session which will have a slow, lighthearted and easy pace. The session will end with an opportunity for questions or reflection within the group though this is optional to each individual.

The aim of this wellbeing session is:

  • To create a relaxing space for you to take some time out for yourself
  • To practice wellbeing techniques in a safe space

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