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MA in International Development – Join us at the Department of International Development, Maynooth University, on our MA programme, which starts in March 2021 (part-time) or September 2021 (full- or part-time). Through the programme, together we will explore the global and development dimensions of a range of contemporary issues - COVID-19, climate change, the call for human rights like #Black Lives Matter, homelessness and migrant rights - as well as understanding their origins. Globally, people are struggling to deal with the evolving challenges presented by such issues and associated inequalities. We hope that through your engagement with our MA programme, you will be enabled with the understanding, knowledge and skills to be among those who make a positive difference in the lives of others at personal, local and global levels.

The MA offers a unique flexible, university-based, or online learning, experience. The part-time MA option allows participants to engage with and complete the programme over two to five years, entirely online, or through a combination of classroom and online modes. In the current context of the global COVID pandemic, online engagement enables us to continue to learn, share and collaborate in pursuit of a more just world.

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