Carmichael: Spring Summer 2021 Scheduled Training Programme


Carmichael’s Spring Summer 2021 Scheduled Training Programme is now available for booking. The online courses from January to March 2021 are listed below.

The Charities Governance Code – Online

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 14th Jan 2021)
The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards you should meet to effectively manage and control your charity. This workshop will walk you through the requirements of the code including actions and evidence needed to demonstrate compliance. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Best practice using Zoom to host and run meetings – Online

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 21st Jan 2021)
This online course is for anyone needing to get a better understanding of how to run and attend meetings using Zoom. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Financial Oversight for Board Members – Online

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 28th Jan 2021)
This online workshop aims to give Board Members the skills and knowledge to understand financial information that they are typically provided with on a regular basis, what to ask for, warning signs to watch out for and questions to ask. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

The Role of the Company Secretary – Online

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 4th Feb 2021)
Learn about the practical and legal responsibilities and liabilities of the Company Secretary of a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG). This workshop is aimed at Company Secretaries or anyone thinking of becoming a Company Secretary of a CLG. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

How to handle the most common Internet risks – Online

(2.00pm to 4.00pm – Thurs, 4th Feb 2021)
This online course will take the participant through the currently most common internet risks, showing how they occur, how to deal with them and how to protect your organisation from them. Session delivered via Google Meet. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel – Online

(4 weekly sessions starting 10th Feb 2021, from 9.15am to 10.45am)
This course is aimed for people with little or no knowledge, or experience of using Microsoft Excel. The course will take place on Zoom over 4 sessions as per details below. Homework will be assigned between sessions. Resources and links will be stored on a platform called GiraffePad. Fee for non-profits = €140.

Using Social Media to promote your work – Beginners Online Course

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 11th Feb 2021)
This online course will include an introduction to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as tips and advice on how to use each platform to communicate different messages to various audiences. Participants will have a better understanding of how each social media platform is used, and what it is best used for. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams – Online (Limited spaces, early booking advised)

(2.00pm to 5.00pm – Wed, 17th Feb 2021)
This course is for those who will be creating and managing a Team in Microsoft Teams. Topics covered include: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams, Managing Your Teams Profile, Channels, Post Messages in a Conversation, Managing Messages, Managing Meetings, Using Chat, and Managing Files in Teams. Further details available here. Session delivered via Microsoft Teams. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Companies Act 2014 and the Charities Act 2009 for Non-profit Organisations – Online

(10am to 12.00pm – Thurs, 25th Feb 2021)
This online workshop explores how the Companies Act 2014 impacts on Charities and Not-for Profit Companies that are Limited by Guarantee, the requirements of the Charities Act 2009, the role of members, the duties and responsibilities of Directors and Other Officers and the preparation of Financial Statements under Companies Act 2014. Session delivered via Zoom. Fee for non-profits = €70.

Full details of the Spring Summer 2021 Scheduled Training Programme here.

Free Resources from Carmichael

A Board/Trustee Governance Handbook Template has been developed by Carmichael as part of our ongoing efforts to support non-profit organisations. In developing this free handbook, Carmichael sought to reflect the principles and standards of the Charities Governance Code but it can be used by any non-profit organisation. This handbook is a template and it should be amended/tailored to reflect your own charity or other non-profit.

A free webinar on the Charities Governance Code for Charity Trustees who may need some guidance on implementing the Code. This 1 hour webinar is intended to give Trustees an insight into the 6 Principles of the Code and help your Charity on the road to compliance with the 32 Core Standards. To view, click on and register through GoToWebinar.

Carmichael Podcast – 14 episodes available where Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, chat with different guests on various governance topics.

Set Agendas and Take Effective Board Meeting Minutes

Survival Guide for Charities at this difficult and uncertain time

E-Learning courses

The Non-Profit eLearning Bundle consist of 5 modules for a special bundle price of €300: Governance and Charities Governance Code Carmichael (eLearning), Employing Staff and Managing Human Resources (eLearning), Financial Management for Non-Profits (eLearning), Business and Organisation Development for Non-Profits (eLearning), Marketing and Sales for Non-Profits (eLearning)

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GDPR Level 2

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