Don O'Leary on the Love and Courage podcast

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Don O'Leary, Director of Cork Life Centre on the Love and Courage podcast 

The latest episode of the Love and Courage podcast features Don O'Leary, the Director of the Cork Life Centre, in conversation with Ruairí McKiernan. Don shares his views on education, mental health, youth marginalisation, the recent Christy Moore tribute concert, and living with a terminal illness. Listen via all main podcast platforms 

Cork Life Centre is a  voluntary organisation established over 20 years ago to offer an alternative learning environment to young people aged 12-18 who have not thrived or coped in a mainstream educational setting. 

The centre has struggled to receive state support and recognition and the first few minutes of the podcast include some updates and insights from Don concerning the battle to stay open in recent months despite the centre winning widespread acclaim, and being the feature of a major TV documentary, among other accolades, which has included Don receiving an honorary doctorate from University College Cork. 

It also includes Don's reflections on a lifetime of youth and community work and social activism, his thoughts on the recent tribute concert for him by folk music legend and previous podcast guest Christy Moore, and lots on his critiques of social, economic and education inequalities. Don also shares openly about his experience of living with a terminal illness and how he has responded to that challenge with great grace, strength and dignity. At the heart of the conversation is a passionate appeal for greater care, support, love and investment in children and young people, especially those that are on the margins.

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