Drug & Alcohol Services in Ireland: Examining Link between Effort & Reward, Clinical Supervision, Burnout & Turnover Intention

My name is Anthea Carry and I am conducting research in DBS Department of Psychology exploring the link between effort & reward imbalance, quality of clinical supervision, burnout and turnover intention for workers in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Providers in Ireland. This research is being conducted as part of my final year studies and will be submitted for examination. You are invited to participate in a research study that will form the basis for an undergraduate thesis.

What are the objectives of the study? The nature of this study requires participants to complete a survey with a set of questionnaires that explore individual's perceptions around job effort and rewards, experiences of clinical supervision, experience of professional quality of life and turnover intention in relation to their role as a worker in a drug and alcohol treatment service in Ireland.

I would like to collect information from different people regarding their experiences of working in a service providing drug and/or alcohol treatment in Ireland. The inclusion criteria is:

  • The service is based in the Republic of Ireland
  • The worker's role involves the direct delivery of services to service users in the organisation i.e. project/case worker, addiction practitioner, community employment supervisor, outreach worker, team leader etc.
  • Must be over the age of 18

Participation involves completing and submitting this survey https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=6qYKXSBmY0ieIZ7LFAIivHe7YzKND-VFoCY_eOJ8LFxUQVMwWEE3VjFZMFlPVFdHVDBYU1FYQ1EyMy4u

Confidentiality All individual information collected as part of the study will be used solely for research purposes. The questionnaires will be securely stored and data from the will be stored on a password protected computer. They will be stored safely and will not be publicly displayed or published without prior consent. Data collected is stored in the EU, for 1 year following decision of the examination board, and will be used for research purposes to generate research content such as publications and presentations.

Please note this research has been ethically approved by the DBS College Human Research Ethics Committee.

Contact Details:

Should you require any further information about this research please contact me at: 
Anthea Carry, 10394226@mydbs.ie or my supervisor can be contacted at deaglan.page@dbs.ie

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