Join the World’s Largest Lesson! – SDG4

Give young people in your life a voice on education by encouraging them to WLL survey (Global Launch) (

When was the last time students were asked what they want to learn, where they want to learn, and how they want to learn?

The World’s Largest Lesson Transforming Education campaign are offering the first ever global, playful survey that allows students (ages 10 – 18) to share their views and ideas for education. They're working with UNICEF and UNESCO to give young people a voice on education, and you can help!

Celebrate World Children’s Day - 20th November - open this link to a playful survey and pass your phone to a child or the students in your life. They will be asked about the purpose of education, how they learn best, and what they would change and improve for the future. It takes 10 mins, it's completely anonymous, and their views will be shared with governments, the United Nations and other leaders in 2023 - so that we can transform education together.

Join the World’s Largest Lesson! – SDG4


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