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Protect II is a collaborative project between IOM Ireland and the Department of Justice. The aim of the project is to support and empower migrant and ethnic minority survivors of gender-based violence and suspected victims of trafficking to access needed services. We must recognize that culture can be a barrier to service access and provision in Ireland. Protect II provides a capacity-building training for frontline service providers on cultural competency and understanding, a separate training on cultural mediation practice, and 11 cultural mediators ready to assist in bridging the gap between service users and service providers.


In September, IOM Ireland recruited and trained 11 cultural mediators in the practice of cultural mediation to facilitate understanding between service users and service providers and to bridge the cultural gap. Our cultural mediators come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. Mediators serve the following role:

  • Facilitate mutual understanding/interaction between service providers and migrant/ethnic minority service users
  • Help to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect between service providers and migrant/ethnic minority service users
  • Provide service providers with background information about their communities 
  • Furnish insights about the problems migrant/ethnic minority service users might face when trying to access and using services
  • Supply communities with general information about the Irish health service provision, their functioning and rules
  • Encourage and supporting communities to voice their own needs and concerns

Sometimes, culture can be a barrier to service access and provision, especially for vulnerable migrants and ethnic minorities that are survivors of domestic, sexual, or gender-based violence or suspected victims of trafficking. Cultural mediators can help alleviate this barrier by providing important cultural context and information to both service users and service providers.

If you are interested in learning more about cultural mediators, or would like to request this free service, please email Elizabeth Romary at for more information.

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