Free Environmental Justice Advice Clinics (Community Law & Mediation, Centre for Environmental Justice)

Community Law & Mediation’s Centre for Environmental Justice is running an autumn series of free legal advice clinics on environmental justice matters. The next clinic takes place on 21st September. If you have a query related to environmental justice (e.g. health concerns related to poor air or water quality; flooding issues; energy poverty and access to affordable and sustainable energy) contact Community Law & Mediation on 01 847 7804 to book a free phone consultation.

Community Law & Mediation is a community law centre and charity which provides free legal advice, advocacy, mediation and education services in communities experiencing disadvantage. In February 2021, it opened a Centre for Environmental Justice which seeks to empower communities in relation to environmental justice issues and advocate on their behalf to ensure fairness and equality in our collective response to environmental harms and climate change.

Thank you for your help on this Imelda, please let me know if you need any further information

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