Covid-19 – Novas Services

Covid-19 – Novas Services

In Novas we are working hard to prevent the contraction and spread of the coronavirus in our services. The well-being of our staff, volunteers and clients is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to maintaining all our frontline residential services during these unprecedented times, to ensure the most vulnerable continue to be supported. However we have taken measures to protect the health of our clients, staff and volunteers.

Here are the measures we are taking:

All of our home support, family support and other community services are now conducted via phone.

Our Head Office in Limerick and our Outreach Office in Thurles have been closed to the public. Support is still available by appointment or by telephone.

TEP 1 and TEP 2 are now operating 24/7.

Additional supports, including meal delivery is being provided to some of our vulnerable tenants.

All our residential services are operating as normal, providing 24/7 support and accommodation to all our residents.

We are in the process of developing isolation units for homeless people that contract Covid-19 but don’t require hospitalisation.

Our Street Outreach service has been suspended as we could not abide by social distancing measures but additional food and meal supports have been put in place for our clients.

Our Head Office continues to be reached from Monday to Friday on 061 370325.

Out-of-hours support can be accessed on 1800 606060.

In conjunction with our government partners, notably the HSE, the DRHE and the local authorities  in the areas we work, we are committed to providing support and accommodation to all our clients in these unprecedented times. We are immensely grateful to our funders, staff and volunteers for their dedication at this time.

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