Participants Needed for Research Study - Diabetes Distress


I am a final year undergraduate student of Applied Psychology in Cork, Ireland. I am looking for some participants for a research study I am conducting as part of my final year assessment entitled "a qualitative study of middle to older adults concerning the impact of living and coping with Type 2 diabetes".

My research is on the topic of diabetes distress (ie. the emotional and mental impact of managing diabetes). My aim for this research is to inform healthcare practice and supports given to those with Type 2 diabetes throughout diagnosis, treatment and management to reduce this distress.

I am looking for people living in Ireland, aged between 40 and 70, with diagnosed Type 2 diabetes (1 year+) to engage with a 45-minute online interview about their experience.

Diabetes distress research amongst Type 2 adults is particularly sparse in Ireland, with most studies focusing on other types of diabetes or age categories. As such, your participation would make a much-needed contribution in this area and work towards building services and supports that work for you.

If you are interested in partaking, or would like some more information, please email Abigail at

This study is being carried out under the supervision of staff at University College Cork (UCC) and has been granted ethical approval by the School of Applied Psychology Ethics Committee at UCC.

Your involvement would be greatly appreciated!!

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22nd Feb, 2021
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31st Mar, 2021