Global Action Plan: Climate Heroes Challenge


Global Action Plan is inviting local community groups to take part in the Climate Heroes challenge.

Funded by Irish Aid, the 'Climate Heroes’ competition will see local groups across the country try to minimise their carbon footprints. The team-based climate competition will begin on Earth Day 2023, 22 April and last for two weeks.

Everyone taking part will try to carry out as many climate-positive activities as they can, and our online app will translate the activities logged by participants into CO2 emissions saved. The team that has saved the greatest amount of greenhouse gas emissions are the winners of this exciting competition.

The Climate Heroes challenge is a friendly competition, but it is also a serious tool for climate education.

It’s a powerful way to explore how people can respond to climate change, as consumers and active global citizens. Participants will discover practical ways to reduce their CO₂ emissions and make climate action part of their everyday lives.

Check it out here.
More information about the Climate Heroes competition is available via

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