Big Policy Successes and Record-breaking Grant Making in 2022 for Community Foundation Ireland

Community Foundation Ireland hits new records to support its Equality Mission

Significant policy achievements in 2022 supported by €25 Million Plus in Grants

Statement by Community Foundation Ireland

Community Foundation Ireland says 2022 has been marked with significant policy achievements in areas such as combatting sexual violence, energy poverty and social inclusion.

The Foundation, a philanthropic hub, provided more than €25 Million in grants supporting 1,200 projects during the year – bringing total grant-making since its establishment to €110 Million.

Publishing its 2022 Impact Report, Community Foundation Ireland said despite enormous social challenges its donors have once again shown the power and potential of philanthropy to take a long-term and strategic approach to addressing major social challenges.

The report comes as the Government is preparing to publish a draft national policy on philanthropy.

  • The Foundation works with a network of 5,000 voluntary, community and charitable organisations. The impact report highlights policy achievements which were informed by work supported by donors:
  • Significant commitments in Zero Tolerance, the new national plan to combat sexual violence. These include the introduction of consent into all educational curricula. The recognition of prostitution as gender-based violence and the more refuge places to address geographical shortfalls.
  • Targeted measures in Budget 2023 after a partnership with the Foundation and the ESRI produced ground-breaking research showing the levels of energy poverty with four out of ten homes facing hard choices between food, clothing and heat and light.
  • Mobilising donors and partners including the Ireland For Ukraine media coalition and Government to provide €7 Million to support the response to the impact of the war not just on the ground but also to address the need of people seeking safety in Ireland.
  • The establishment of 30 cross border civic society partnerships under an All-Island Fund. Partners are working on a range of issues including climate change, community gardens, introducing an all-island ban on LGBTI conversion therapy, women’s rights and migrant rights.
  • Transforming the lives of more than 1.1 Million Children through a partnership with the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal which is now supporting projects in every county.
  • The establishment of a new unit to combat Child Poverty in the Taoiseach’s office, following the publication of Ireland’s first Child Poverty Monitor by the Children’s Rights Alliance.

The level of grant-making is the highest recorded to date. The nnnual total represents an increase of over €6 Million on 2021.

The Foundation now has 100 Funds supported by a combination of private individuals and families, other trusts and foundations as well as corporate partnerships. The figure represents an increase of 16 over the year.

Funding is provided to groups and organisations under four thematic pillars, namely Inclusive Communities, Sustainable Futures, Empowering Generations and Accelerating Change.

Publishing the report Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of Community Foundation Ireland, said:

“In 2022, in partnership with our donors and the community and voluntary sector, we have far exceeded our goals to deliver significant achievements at every level.

By linking the experience, evidence, and expertise of our frontline partners with key changemakers, we have been able to respond to the rising costs of living, the needs of people fleeing war, and the growing climate and biodiversity crises.

We also progressed longer-term work, achieving major policy changes.

Our donors are showing what can be achieved if Ireland were to finally unlock the true potential of philanthropy. We are currently working with Government on a new National Policy. It is an opportunity to increase awareness and giving.

We will be sharing with Minister’s and officials the giving trends we have seen, including the increase in Placed Based Giving where people or businesses give to their home village, town or county. This is an Irish form of giving which should be nurtured and grown. We also see potential in growing the levels of legacy giving for the greater good of society.

As a philanthropic hub we are committed to growing these forms of giving to power our mission of equality for all in thriving communities.”

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