Diabetes Ireland: Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Diabetes Ireland is running a campaign to highlight the need for people living with Diabetes to be aware of their kidney health. The campaign will be launched to mark World Kidney Day on March 10th in collaboration with the Irish Kidney Association.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a potential complication of diabetes, screening for kidney disease is a routine part of your diabetes care with your GP/diabetes team.  Screening for chronic kidney disease is essential as in the early stages there are no symptoms so it can potentially go undiagnosed.

Therefore, it is essential that you:

Check Kidney Function

Know your Kidney Numbers*

Discuss with your Doctor or Nurse

*Kidney blood test GFR and urine test ACR, both tests are a routine part of diabetes check-ups with GP/diabetes team.

Discuss with your Doctor or Nurse

It is essential that as part of your routine diabetes check-ups with your GP or Diabetes team that you discuss your kidney health and ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to help your kidneys remain as healthy as possible.

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