Recruitment of Senior Roles in Nonprofit Sector rise 55% in Q1 2021

2into3’s Quarterly Recruitment Monitor for the first quarter of 2021 shows recruitment for senior roles within the nonprofit sector continues to increase, year on year.

Our snapshot of date shows that in Q1 2021, a total of 226 senior roles were advertised, up almost 55% on the same quarter last year (146 roles). The number of organisations recruiting showed a positive increase also (44.5%, from 110 to 159).

While the impact of the pandemic effected the last 4 weeks of Q1 2020, there is little doubt it has influenced the compatibility of Q1 2020 v Q1 2021 figures. It is highly unlikely that demand for senior nonprofit professionals has increased by this amount when comparing these time periods. A more likely explanation would be a concentration of demand for staff in the last three months that was carried-over from mid to late 2020, when recruitment may have been put on hold.

By Sub-sector

Social Services continue to advertise the greatest share of the roles (34%), followed by Health (19%), Local Development & Housing (14%) and Philanthropy & Voluntarism (8%). These four sub-sectors alone account for over three-quarters of all roles advertised in Q1.

The big change here is in the Philanthropy & Voluntarism, which previously accounted for just 2.7% of roles in Q1 2020 is now 8%. Declines are seen in International (6%, down from 11%) and Education and Research (3%, down from 12%) roles.

By Role type

CEO level roles, as a share of all senior positions advertised, fell from 15% in Q1 2020 to 8% in Q1 2021. There was also a reduction in the number of roles advertised in Administration, Strategy & Governance (down 54%) and HR (down 29%).

While senior Fundraising roles rose in number (42 up to 48) their share within all roles fell from 29% to 21%. Service, Delivery & Operations roles jumped a massive 185%, from 40 to 114 roles, and accounted for just over half of all senior roles recorded. This reflects what is taking place in the sector as organisations scale up to meet the extra demands Covid has placed on their services.

Communications & Marketing position doubled (from 7 to 14) and Finance roles decreased in their share of the positions, but in absolute terms increased by one-third, year-on-year.

What does this mean?

What does this snapshot of activity tell us about the Irish nonprofit sector as we return to normal, or whatever normal will look like?

It shows that there is still a demand for senior talent within the sector, although the skills and experience needed would appear to be shifting.

Whether these trends continue or whether they are a response to the pandemic remains to be seen. We present this data with the full knowledge that year-on-year comparisons in the middle of a once in a century event are to be taken with a health warning.

If our own experience in 2into3 is to be factored-in, the strong, active demand for talent is being balanced against a more passive supply side where candidates appear to be less active in searching for a career move, but can be interested, if they are approached and made aware of what is on offer. The candidates are out there – they just might be a bit harder to find right now.

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22nd Apr, 2021
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