National Volunteering Strategy (2021 - 2025)

The National Volunteering Strategy (2021 - 2025) sets out a long-term vision for volunteering and volunteers in Ireland. With actions to be implemented over the next five years, the Strategy set a general direction of travel for government policy in relation to the volunteers and the volunteering environment. It also builds upon and strengthens the renewed relationship and partnership between Government and the voluntary sector which has developed during the course of its preparation.

The purpose of the Strategy is to recognise, support and promote the unique value and contribution of volunteers to Irish society. The Strategy also provides an opportunity for Government to acknowledge how important volunteering is to the well-being of the nation and to steer the delivery of an agreed and ambitious vision. The contribution of volunteering to our society has never been more prevalent than during the response in the last number of months to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been co-produced by Government and people from the community development, local development, community and voluntary, business and local government sectors. It is an ambitious strategy to support partnership and collaborative effort at all levels and between all stakeholders, comprising five high level objectives and 56 associated actions to support communities, their representative organisations, and the community and voluntary sector.

This Strategy seeks to develop and enhance the role of the volunteer and encourage volunteering as a means of developing vibrant communities. It will provide the framework and the building blocks to realise this vision, through the implementation of the following strategic objectives.

Strategic Objective 1: To increase participation and diversity in volunteering including embracing new trends and innovation

Strategic Objective 2: To facilitate, develop and support the Volunteering Environment so that it contributes to vibrant and sustainable communities

Strategic Objective 3: To recognise, celebrate and communicate the value and impact of volunteers and volunteering in all its forms

Strategic Objective 4: To promote ethical and skills-based international volunteering to deliver results for beneficiaries and to enhance Global Citizenship in Ireland

Strategic Objective 5: To improve policy coherence on volunteering across Government both nationally and locally

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