Meet Manny Quinn – the new face (and voice) of CPR

It’s Restart a Heart Day – know the “Hard and Fast Rule” of CPR


The Irish Heart Foundation has launched an innovative online campaign to teach the public how to save a life with CPR.

The Irish Heart Foundation would like you to meet Manny Quinn, a former CPR training manikin who has been in storage since the start of the pandemic.

Friday October 16th was world Restart a Heart Day and to mark the occasion Manny has finally achieved his dream of becoming a Broadway singer and is using his talents to help the Irish Heart Foundation create a quirky online video which teaches the simple rules of CPR.

While the majority CPR classes for the public have been cancelled due to Covid, Manny has stepped into the breach by performing a song in the style of a Broadway musical that emphasises the two essential CPR steps anyone can perform to save a life.

If you witness a cardiac arrest there are two key steps you can take. Step one is to call 112 or 999 and the second step is to push hard and fast on the centre of the chest.

It’s so important that as many people as possible see this video and know the hard and fast rule of CPR. If we each spread the word – even just to a few people – its impact will multiply across the country (and beyond!).

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