BeLonG To Youth Services: 2019 Annual Report

Equipped with our new database in 2019, we gathered 12 months of demographic data from young people accessing our Dublin-based youth service.

As you will read in this report, we gleaned valuable insights from this data discovering the most urgent needs of LGBTI+ young people. This information has shaped the future direction of our frontline service and how we support LGBTI+ young people. 

As we cannot mark this event in person, I have recorded a short video message

2019 highlights include:

  • Reaching and supporting more LGBTI+ young people than ever before in 2019 through our life-saving support services.
  • Shining a light on the voices of LGBTI+ students through the publication of our first School Climate Survey in partnership with Columbia University.
  • Campaigning for the inclusion of young LGBTI+ voices in policies and legislation including Gender Recognition RSE, youth work, education, LGBTI+ mental health and sports.
  • Enhancing the energy behind our National Network of LGBTI+ Youth Groups as a space for support, information and best practice.
  • Growing our income by an incredible 33%.
  • Achieving Triple Lock Status and securing nominations in the Charity Excellence Awards and the Good Governance Awards.


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15th Oct, 2020
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