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ISM SafeDrive Donation for registered charities:
ISM Community Responsibility Programme, ISM for Non-Profits, is donating in October 25 ISM SafeDrive user licences (max 5 licences per organisation) for organisations who engage or work with young people either in an educational, training or volunteer setting. To request a licence donation, your organisation is required to have CHY number and company registration number. Please follow this link:

What is ISM SafeDrive?
ISM SafeDrive is specifically developed for 16-to-24-year-old young people and novice drivers. The eight module, six-hour long, online course focuses on raising consciousness and increasing the understanding of a young person’s responsibility. The tool enables young people to understand their own authority when on the road as a road user. It is interactive learning where the young person can determine their own learning pace, answer quiz questions and achieve a certificate. The training modules explain the dangers of driving at speed, risk of mobile phone usage while driving, recognising the signs of fatigue, responsible driving and the dangers of drink and drug driving.

What is the benefit of ISM SafeDrive?
ISM SafeDrive can contribute towards achieving the governmental national policy framework outcomes and aims for children and young people at an individual level. The policy priorities include the outcome of young people being connected, respected and contributing to their world. ISM SafeDrive provides an opportunity for ongoing education and training and makes young people aware of their responsibilities and be respectful of the law when they are road users.

How can my organisation access ISM SafeDrive outside of this donation?
Education holds the key to positively influencing behaviours and attitudes. The organisations who engage or work with young people either in an educational, training or volunteer setting are in an ideal front-line position to facilitate young people’s access to learning. Log on to to access this training for €8.00 per user licence. This price, (€1 per module), is exclusively for Non-Profit organisations only as part of ISM’s Community Responsibility Programme. (The normal retail price for ISM SafeDrive is €39.99.)

About us:
ISM Community Responsibility Programme, ISM for Non-Profits, focuses on heightening awareness and delivering risk management, compliance services and solutions. We provide Driving for Work support under the Health and Safety training and give free Driving for Work policy packs for organisations whose volunteers or employees use their own or company car during their working day. As the leaders in driver education since 1961, ISM’s community responsibility programme also educates young and novice road users about safe behaviour on roads in line with the Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2013 – 2020.

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