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Dear Friend of Focus Ireland,

Many of you - our incredible Focus Ireland supporters – are facing massive uncertainty in the current Coronavirus /Covid-19 crisis.

It’s a scary and unprecedented time, and as An Taoiseach said, we must prepare for tougher times in the days ahead. That is why I wanted to personally reach out to you, to let you know how we are managing the crisis within our services. And to tell you how, thanks to your support, we plan to continue to support and protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

It will come as no shock that those experiencing homelessness in our societies are extremely vulnerable to the risks of Covid-19 – not only are people who are homeless more likely to have underlying health issues, they are unable to follow the most basic Covid-19 recommendations – stay at home and keep a ‘social distance’ from other people. Focus Ireland has responded by setting a number of housing units aside, in partnership with the DRHE, in case people that we support are advised they need to self-isolate. 

We have restructured some services to use phone or video instead of face-to-face meetings where possible, while doing everything to keep key services like the Coffee Shop and Family Centre open. These services are a lifeline, offering hot meals and a safe place to go for those who have nobody else to turn to. 

All non-essential staff are no longer allowed to enter the services, and fundraising events involving social gatherings have been cancelled. We have been sharing good practice with partner services across the world.

It is only because of support like yours that we are able to continue our services during these difficult times. And in fact, as we face into an uncertain future, your support is more important and more powerful than ever.

I have included a short message of gratitude from our founder Sr Stan below.

Please, look out for each other, families and friends, and especially for those who may be vulnerable or struggling. If you are concerned about the virus, please visit the HSE website for the most recent guidance. 

If you can, please continue to donate by visiting

I hope you and yours stay strong, and stay safe.

With very best wishes

Pat Dennigan
CEO, Focus Ireland

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24th Mar, 2020
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