Belong To's 2022 Annual Report

Belong To's 2022 Annual Report

We are delighted to share our 2022 Annual Report, highlighting the impact of our work supporting LGBTQ+ youth across Ireland.

It’s been 20 years since Belong To opened its doors as a youth service, providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ young people to find support and acceptance.  

Thanks to you - our supporters, our allies and our LGBTQ+ community - Belong To has grown to become Ireland's leading national LGBTQ+ youth organisation.

There has been tremendous change in the past 20 years, as we expanded upon youth work to also provide support services, training, education, and advocacy. From reaching and supporting a record number of LGBTQ+ youth to building partnerships, producing research and effecting legislative change, we have a lot to be proud of. 


In 2022, 57 schools embarked on the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark journey to become an accredited LGBTQ+ safe and supportive school, encompassing 3,300 staff and almost 35,000 students.

Our Youth Work Team engaged in 2,395 interventions with LGBTQ+ youth, and we equipped 6,749 individuals to understand and meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth through training and education.

These are just a few of the highlights that you can read in our 2022 Annual Report, alongside our financial statements.

Being trustworthy, strategic and honest are central to our organisation and our work. Inside the Report, you can learn about how Belong To is run, the impact of our work, our Board of Directors, and our financial performance in 2022.

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