Help Keep Athy Men's Shed Open

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Athy Men's Shed is an important community and social outlet for many of our friends, members, visitors and families. Our goal is to provide a social and friendly environment for men in our community that might have some time to pass and who are looking to get out of the house, socialise a little and get involved in projects should they wish.

Keeping our doors open for 2022 is now difficult as a result of the Pandemic.

It costs €6,000 to keep the shed open every year; rent, insurance, light and heat and materials. We have built a kitchen, a woodwork area, a tooling area, a pool room and a darts room for our visitors and members.

Normally, we work on projects, we fundraise and we partake in community initiatives to raise the money to keep the shed open ourselves. However, because of the Covid Pandemic, we lost a full 18 months of activities where we couldn't raise any money through work, projects or fundraising.

We're now asking our friends, family members and general members of the local community if they could help out. We are doing all we can to keep our doors open for 2022 - and we ask that if you could spare a few euro's to help us along the way that maybe you will contribute a little to our gofundme campaign!

Thank you so much for your time and help! We all appreciate it very much.

If you would like to help please donate here

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