Gift a SERVE’d Up Cookbook this Christmas!

The SERVE’d Up Cookbook is a wonderful ethical gift for everyone this Christmas. Every sale helps fund our overseas development programmes, raises awareness about our work, and improves people’s eating habits.

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Explore the world through your kitchen with recipes from Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Brazil. You will find recipes of spicy curries of India to Brazilian chocolate truffles. On a cold winter’s night, welcome the sunny Philippines into your home with a recipe of a vibrant, fresh, and fruity Mango Float – a keen favourite of SERVE volunteers over the years. Or let the mouth-watering Mozambican Chicken rival that of your local chicken piri-piri restaurant. It’s also complete with photographs and personal accounts from our partners and volunteers.

With the sales from it so far, SERVE has funded a chicken project for the Flamboyant Special School in Mazabuka, Zambia, to assist the school in becoming financially self-sufficient. Currently, 300 chickens lay around 100 eggs per day. The school can then sell approximately 10 trays per day in a well-established community market.

Funds from the cookbook will continue support several important causes:

  • The Association of People with Disability's effective COVID response in their centres and in outreach programmes,
  • Tapologo in South Africa who work with people living with HIV,
  • The challenges of Flamboyant Special School, Luyobolola Primary school, and other organisations within the Assumption Parish in Mazabuka, Zambia.

Gift a SERVE’d Up Cookbook this Christmas!Gift a SERVE’d Up Cookbook this Christmas!

"I did not realise upon arriving how much of our volunteering experience would revolve around food! Food is the substance of life, we need it for energy. However, what we forget sometimes is just how much we as humans connect over food. Having worked as a chef for a large part of my life food is something that I have always been especially passionate about. I love how something we do every day, eating, is so different from person to person, place to place and country to country. When we think of culture, food plays a huge role in this, and people are usually immensely proud to teach others about dishes that are original to their country or culture."

- SERVE Philippines 2013 volunteer Sebb Taylor writes about his experience in Cebu, his love for food and food culture and his cafe in Galway city, Temple Cafe in his article here.

Gift a SERVE’d Up Cookbook this Christmas!

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