Chernobyl Aid Ireland: Grozovo St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Grozovo St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Chernobyl Aid Ireland are encouraging people to fundraiser for our campaign Ireland to Grozovo St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We ask you to start your own fundraiser and run, walk, cycle, swim, kayak, trek or travel by whatever means so collectively we can aim to travel 2800km, the distance from Ireland to Grozovo. ( please remember to keep within lockdown guidelines). St Patricks day parades are cancelled again this year so lets create our own individual parades and raise funds which will enable us to get the truckloads of aid to Otklik centres in Minsk, Belarus. They then distribute the goods we collect, such as food, clothing, medical items, furniture and household items to hospitals, the homeless, street kids, the poor and to Grozovo boarding home. We also have more toilet and shower blocks to be built along with continued maintenance of Grozovo boarding home. To find out more about the charity and this campaign click on the links. If you are unable to fundraise yourself then any donation you can give would be greatly appreciated. EVERY EURO COUNTS.

Please help us get the trucks with Humanitarian Aid to Belarus.


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