Barnardos: Family Marathon in February

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Barnardos: Family Marathon in February

Could your family run a marathon between February 1st and 28th?

We are challenging you and your family to take our February exercise challenge, and run a Marathon distance (26 miles/42 KM) between February 1st and 28th!

All to help support vulnerable children throughout Ireland. 

Over 28 days in February run a marathon as a family. It sounds like a lot but spread out over the month, it’s a lot more achievable.

What’s more - you’ll be getting lots of precious family fun time, keeping healthy and active, and helping support Ireland’s most vulnerable children too. 

Exercise is a great way to keep our mental and physical health strong. 

What you need to do:  

All the details with plenty of encouragement and support can be found on the Facebook group. Remember this is a challenge, get your friends involved and ask them to sign up and support!  

Please note that Barnardos accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any injury you may sustain while completing this challenge.…

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