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Wexford Pride


Wexford Pride is a voluntary community organisation led by and for the LGBTQIA+ community that works to support, advocate for and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and the diversity of experiences, identities and cultures that comprise it. Enquiries can be forwarded to wexfordpride@gmail.com. Connect with us via social media @WexfordPride on Facebook and Instagram.

Event Details

Wexford Pride LGBTQIA+ Community Support Group
When: 7PM - 9PM, Monday 6th & 23rd February 2023
Location: IFA Centre, Mill Park Road, Enniscorthy

Wexford Pride LGBTQIA+ Community Support Group takes place once a fortnight in the IFA Centre, Enniscorthy from 7PM - 9PM. This confidential group provides a safe space for community members of all backgrounds and experiences to come together to extend support and solidarity. Every segment of the LGBTQIA+ community is welcome, including BIPOC, Traveller and Roma, and immigrant groups. Name tags are handed out and each person is encouraged to use the name and pronouns that they identify with. When the name badges come off and you return to the outside world the knowledge of who you were in our room will stay between attendees. Participants are welcome to stim, move, stretch, stand up, and take time outs as needed. Colouring books and fidgets will be available for those who need them. Coffee, tea, vegan biscuits, gf biscuits, and conventional biscuits will all be provided. New faces are always welcome - if you feeling anxious about attending or require accommodations that will make participation more accessible don't hesitate to get in touch. Unfortunately, the current room is not wheelchair accessible. Funded in partnership with Wexford Pride and Be Pierced.

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