Limerick Mental Health Association: National HELLO Campaign

The national HELLO how are you campaign will take place on 30th March around the country. Limerick Mental Health Association will coordinate the events in Limerick. The HELLO  campaign aims to tackle the lack of connection or belonging that people experience by inspiring individuals to ask how others are feeling. This opens up a conversation to allow people to listen and encourage action by signposting to local supports and services.


The unique premise of this campaign is to encourage people to not just ask the question but to support people in knowing what to do next. There are five steps to saying H.E.L.L.O. and asking the question. 

  • H – Say Hello. This encourages starting the conversation, asking the question, using open ended questions and choosing the right place to talk.
  • E – Engage with the person. This is about being friendly and engaging and using inviting body language
  • L – Listen to the person. Be relaxed and show that you are listening by nodding appropriately, and asking open ended questions that will give you more of the story.
  • L – Learn about the person. Let the person know you have listened by repeating back what you have heard them say. Ask if they are aware of supports available and have that information to hand. Example of supports include Self Help Groups like AWARE, GROW, SHINE, their Family Resource Centres, GP etc. Find details on local supports by going to
  • O – Ongoing support. Check back in with the person and see how they are getting on.

Please contact the LMHA on 061 446786 or for further information on the campaign.

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