Launch of Community Platform Discussion Paper on Collaborative Governance

Community Platform

Invitation to launch

Towards a
Progressive Model of Collaborative Governance:
A Community Platform Discussion Paper

Tuesday 4th October 2022 @ 11:30am to 1:30pm

The Oak Room, The Mansion House, Dublin 2

  • The Discussion Paper will be launched by: Joe O’Brien, Minister of State for Community Development and Charities.

The launch will provide an opportunity for people from sectors across civil society to respond to and discuss proposals from the Paper with a view to developing a more effective and inclusive model for how civil society and Government work together to address the challenges that face our society such as poverty, housing, care and climate change.

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Towards A Progressive Model of Collaborative Governance: A Community Platform Discussion Paper proposes a new model for strengthening how those most impacted and all sectors can work together more effectively to address a number of major long-term challenges our society faces such as housing, care, poverty and the climate transition. The failure of successive Governments to properly address these challenges has resulted in deepening inequalities and hardship for many people in our society, particularly for those living on low incomes and from the most marginalised communities.

The Community Platform believes that unless the Government improves and strengthens the ways it currently engages with civil society and those most impacted by the different challenges it will continue to fail to find workable and effective solutions to existing and new challenges.

Towards A Progressive Model of Collaborative Governance has been developed by the Community Platform after a process of discussion and reflection on national and international experience.

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