Webinar “Public diplomacy’s new civic actors: NGOs, women-mediators’

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Join the May 27 webinar “Public diplomacy’s new civic actors: NGOs, women-mediators’ networks and diasporas” organised by DSA I Civil Society Study Group. This webinar will discuss case studies of public diplomacy by Irish and Greek diasporas, NGOs’ involvement in social diplomacy abroad, and the contribution of women mediators’ networks on the Northern Ireland peace process. The recent increase of research attention to the engagement of non-state actors in social diplomacy has been warranted by the growing impact non-state institutions (like NGOs), communities (like diasporas) and hitherto underrepresented individual and group actors (like women and women-mediators’ networks) have started to exert on the public sphere at home and abroad.

Detailed agenda and link to registration can be found here.

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