Upcoming CareVisions / ISS21 Seminars: Care and Capitalism & The Care Economy in Crisis

Upcoming CareVisions / ISS21 Seminars: Care and Capitalism (24 Jan.) & The Care Economy in Crisis (7 Feb.)

The CareVisions research project, at ISS21, University College Cork, is pleased to invite you to two upcoming seminars:  

Monday 24th January 2022, 15:00-16:30 

Care and Capitalism:  Moving beyond Capitalocentric thinking about equality, social justice and politics 

Speaker: Professor Kathleen Lynch, Professor Emerita of Equality Studies at University College Dublin & a Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
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Monday 7th February 2022, 15:00-16:30 (10:00-11:30 am ET)

The Care Economy in Crisis: A post-COVID-19 feminist recovery plan

Speakers: report authors from UN Women
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Seminar 1: Care and Capitalism:  Moving beyond Capitalocentric Thinking about Equality, Social Justice and Politics, Professor Kathleen Lynch, 24th January  


The logics and ethics of neoliberal capitalism dominate public discourses and politics. They exacerbate inequality while morally endorsing and institutionalising forms of competitive self-interest that jettison social justice values, and are deeply antithetical to love, care and solidarity.  

But capitalism is neither invincible nor inevitable. While people are self-interested, they are not purely self-interested: they are bound affectively and morally to others, even to unknown others. The cares, loves and solidarity relationships within which people are engaged give them direction and purpose in their daily lives. They constitute cultural residuals of hope that stand ready to move humanity beyond a narrow capitalism-centric set of values. Affective relations are potential sites for a counter-movement to neoliberalism. 


Kathleen Lynch is a sociologist, Professor Emerita of Equality Studies at University College Dublin (UCD), and an Adjunct Professor in the UCD School of Education. She has worked over many years to promote equality and social justice through research, education and activism. Her teaching and research are guided by the belief that the purpose of scholarship and research is not just to understand the world but to change it for the good of all humanity. She was awarded the President of Ireland prize for her scholarly work on equality by the Irish Research Council in 2019 and appointed a Commissioner of the Irish Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2020. 

Kathleen has engaged in extensive public intellectual work, while also serving on many boards across the public, voluntary and community sector. She also played a lead role in establishing the UCD Equality Studies Centre (1990) and the UCD School of Social Justice (2004/5). She has published several books and articles on equality and education, and co-authored a book on the theory of equality, Equality: From Theory to Action (2004). She is the lead author of Affective Equality: Love, Care and Injustice (2009) and Managerialism in Education: Commercialisation, Carelessness and Gender (2012).  Her new book Care and Capitalism was published by Polity Press, Cambridge in December 2021. Her research profile is available here: https://people.ucd.ie/kathleen.lynch 

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If you have any queries about these events, please contact the CareVisions Team at: carevisions@ucc.ie

Please note seminars will be recorded as part of the CareVisions seminar series and will be made available online. By attending the meeting, you are consenting to being recorded.  

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