Invitation to Join International Mother Language Day Celebrations Nationwide!

Mother Tongues is celebrating UNESCO International Mother Language Day everywhere in Ireland and we are inviting you to get involved!
This year's theme is "Our Language Garden", a metaphor of the richness that languages bring to our lives and of the importance of nurturing every language to let it flourish.

Whether you want to celebrate with your co-workers, your family, your local group, or your classmates we promise that you will have fun by being involved in this initiative!
No matter how big or small, your involvement will make a difference and will help raise awareness of the many languages spoken in your workplace and in your community. 

Come along to a short introductory Zoom meeting to find out about how to get involved in International Mother Language Day Celebrations.  We have organised a series of live online information sessions to share some ideas and explain how we can support you - you can book here. If you can't make the meeting, do not worry, we will send you a recording with some instructions and you can always contact us for more information.

We hope you will decide to get involved!
Any queries feel free to get in touch:

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