Amnesty International's November 'Write for Rights' Youth Webinars

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Every year the global Amnesty movement focuses on 10 cases of people around the world who are under threat for standing up for what’s right.
People everywhere can write letters to people in authority – it could be a king, president or head of police – who can help make change happen.
Millions of solidarity letters and messages are sent to the people, and groups of people, we are fighting for.
All of these actions take place in November and December each year, culminating in a day of collective global action and celebration on the 10th of December - World Human Rights Day. Every year real change happens because of these letters and actions. People wrongfully imprisoned are released. Abusers are brought to justice. And people in prison are treated more humanely.

For Write for Rights 2021 we are hosting two webinars on two cases of young people, Rung a student activist in Thailand, and Mikita a young person detained without a fair trial in Belarus.

There will be time to ask questions, learn about how to take action on these and other cases, and how to bring these action ideas to schools and communities.

The aim is to bring young people and educators together to learn, connect and act for human rights – creating impact for these young people who are disappeared, harassed, and imprisoned unjustly around the world.

These webinars are aimed at young people and educators in secondary schools and 3rd level colleges.

Webinar 1

Date: Monday 22nd November
Time: 12.05pm to 12.55pm

Rung Panusaya, a leading voice in Thailand's youth democracy movement, will be joining us to speak about her activism leading protests for social and political change.
She is facing a life sentence for peaceful student protesting. "Once you step into the prison; you will no longer feel that your humanity is still intact," she says.

Watch the case video here.

Webinar 2

Date: Tuesday 30th November
Time: 1.05pm - 1.55pm

This webinar focuses on the case of Mikita Zalatarou in Belarus. He is 17 years old, and is currently imprisoned without a fair trial, after being beaten and tortured.
Amnesty campaigners and activists for Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova will speak about Mikita's case and the human rights situation in Belarus.
Until recently, Mikita Zalatarou was a typical teenager. He liked playing Minecraft and listening to rap music. Today, the 17-year-old who also has epilepsy has been cast into a world worse than Minecraft’s hellish Nether.​

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