Cork Autism Online Conference 2021 - Thriving With Autism (7 CPD Accredited Hours)

Cork Autism Online Conference 2021 - Thriving With Autism (7 CPD Accredited Hours)


Date: Sunday October 17th, 2021

Speakers at this year's Cork Autism ONLINE Conference include:

  • World-renowned Autistic Spokesperson, Best-selling Author, Inventor, Scientist and Professor of Animal Science, Dr. Temple Grandin
  • Author, Mother, Speaker, Ambassador and Autism Trainer, Yvonne Newbold MBE
  • Professor, Author, Lecturer and Consultant in Autism, Dr. Olga Bogdashina
  • Autistic Author, International Speaker, Mother, Researcher and Disability and Education Consultant, Dr. Emma Goodall
  • Author, Professor, International Speaker, Autism Consultant and Clinical Psychologist, Prof. Andrew McDonnell
  • International Speaker, Lecturer, Father, Author, Autism Consultant and Trainer, Dr. Damian Milton

In this year's conference you'll learn:

  • The Impacts Of Sensory-Perceptual Problems Faced By Autistic Individuals To Be
  • Practical Strategies And Interventions To Support Individuals Overcome Sensory-Perceptual Difficulties
  • Why ‘Challenging’ Or Distressed Behaviour Occurs
  • How To Reduce Your Own Stress And Move Away From A Crisis Situation
  • How To See The Person, Not The Behaviour
  • How To Know When Miscommunication Is The Source Of Misunderstanding, Conflict And Distress, And What To Do About It
  • How To Interpret What A Person's Behaviour Is Trying To Tell You
  • How To Recognise Some Of The Underlying Causes Of Anxiety Of An Autistic Individual And What You Can Do To Support Them
  • Practical Ways To Be Able To Reduce “Challenging” Behaviours In A Safe Way
  • How To Align Your Style Of Communication To Fit Someone Else With A Different Neurotype
  • How To Say “No” Without Using That Word, And Why This Is Sometimes An Important Thing To Do
  • The Main Causes Of Anxiety In Autistic People And What You Can Do To Overcome These Particular Anxiety Barriers
  •  How Inclusive Environments In Education Support Autistic Students To Live Well By Minimizing Anxiety, Stress And Distress
  • How Teaching Students Using Their Strengths And Interests Maximizes Their Wellbeing
  • How To Make Break Areas Inclusive To Decreases Stress And Distress For Autistic Students And The Probability Of Externalizing Behaviours During Breaks
  • How To Work Out What Strategies To Choose To Support Students’ Inclusion Into School
  • How To Create Engagement Through Interest-based Learning And An Inclusive Environment
  • About Flow States To Autistic Experience With Practical Examples Of How To Accomplish Them
  •  Practical Strategies To Help Autistic People And Their Families Reduce Stress
  • How To Reduce Sensory Overload for Autistic People
  • And Much More...

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