The Voice of the Trees

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Have you ever taken time to befriend a tree?

Through this workshop series, you will reconnect with nature in the company of trees. Join us as we take time to observe, and be present with our neighbourhood trees. We will honour our trees and connect to the larger global struggle for tree preservation through the mediums of film, art, movement and Playback theatre. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the trees in Cork City and the important role they play in biodiversity and carbon capture through the tree-mapping project carried out by Greenspaces for health.

People have rights, why not consider that nature too should have rights? Let us consider how we might make a change both locally, and globally.

Thursday, June 10th: 7:00-8:30pm

Online Webinar with Emmet Sheerin from Trocaire, and Constantino Tessarin from the "Save Bugoma forest" campaign in Uganda. The webinar will discuss the threats to forests in Honduras and Uganda, focusing on the local activists who are working to protect them. As part of the webinar, the short film "Women in their place" will be shown. The film is about the Tolupanes community in Honduras who have been resisting the illegal logging of their ancestral forests. Participants will be emailed a zoom link prior to this event.

Saturday, June 12th: 10:00-4:00

In person workshop
Workshop participants will be divided up into 4 small pods and will rotate through four workshops.

  1. Visual Art: with Claire Coughlan and Helen O Keeffe
  2. Playback Theatre performance: with Speak Out! Theatre for Transformation
  3. Mindful Movement: with Tina Horan
  4. Tree Guardianship: with Maria Young

The workshops will be site-specific in Cork city green spaces.

Cost: €25 (including eventbrite booking fee) 100% of the fee from this workshop will go towards planting trees in Cork City.

Please note: If you can not afford the workshop fee, please contact us at We will have some free places available on a first come, first serve basis.

This project is a collaboration between Creativity & Change and Green Spaces for Health and is supported by Irish Aid and MTU.

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