Arts, Culture & Media Webinar Giving Ireland 2020

Date: 24/11/20 11am
Free Webinar

Giving Ireland 2020 Report tells us 2018 was a year of notable growth for the Irish Not-for-Profit sector.
Looking in more detail at the Arts, Culture & Media subsector, and its rate of Fundraised Income growth, we see it lagged the rest of the Not-for-Profit sector at 8% growth vs same period the previous year. Overall Giving in Ireland is €143 per capita behind the UK in 2018. Closing this gap is worth €42m for Arts, Culture & Media alone. How can we close this gap?
In our webinar we will explore this and more topics on Arts, Culture & Media subsector Giving in more detail.

Joining our panel will be:
Deborah Kelleher, Director, Royal Irish Academy of Music

All who register will receive a recording of the webinar event.

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