Project Us & Concerns Worldwide: Climate Change Campaign Workshops

Climate Change Campaign

We are getting in touch with you to let you about an opportunity to be involved in a series of workshops that Project Us and Concerns Worldwide new Climate Change Campaign, 1planet4all is providing.

The first workshops / webinar are December 1st and 2nd starting at 6.30pm so I’m hoping adults and young people will take part in the evening sessions so all welcome. Both nights are the same so choose whichever one suits you better. Then after those nights I am hoping that I can work with individual groups , schools or individuals around taking action.

The first workshop will be a World Café Conversation and it will focus on having a conversation with expert inputs on Climate Change on its effects and more importantly what actions we can get involved with individually or collectively.

Out of this workshop we will offer more individual workshops to Youth Organisations, Schools or Community Groups, these will be focused on providing training and resources to individuals who wish to participate in Climate Change Actions.

So please register at PROJECTUS@CONCERN.NET or if you need any further information you can contact us at or

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