Sustainable Relationships and Conflict Resolution Free Zoom Webinar

Wednesday 21st October 7.30pm

Are you passionate and curious about what makes relationships sustainable? Be they: personal, family, workplace, community, environmental and even... international? 

IN THIS THE THIRD OF OUR SERIES OF FREE ONLINE ZOOM CONVERSATIONS ON SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIPS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION we shall be looking at the importance of Communication in all relationships, be they personal, family, workplace, community and more.  When, What, Where, to Whom, How and Why we communicate, plus some key pointers towards making communication more effective than it sometimes is. From relationship building to dealing with conflict when it occurs. Given the vastness of this area we will be exploring some simple ABCs of effective communication.
In this we will not be using as a template for good and effective communication the following:  A = Avoidance, B = Blame and C = Criticism!  
But what can we use instead and how and when can we use better methods to communicate that build bridges rather than destroy them? Well why not come and help us find out together!

Please see flyer attached below.

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