Webinar: The connection between Quiet Tears, Hybrid Working and team discontent

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The connection between Quiet Tears, Hybrid Working and team discontent.(Senior leaders, HR Directors)

Date: 28/2/24

Day: Wednesday

Time: 1-1.45pm

Cost: Complimentary

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* This webinar is for Senior Leaders and HR Directors.

How to identify this phenomenon within a hybrid/remote team and what to do about it before it's too late.

Understanding Quiet Tears:

  • Explore the concept of "Quiet Tears" in the context of the workplace.

  • Discuss how these subtle signs of distress may manifest and impact employee well-being and productivity.

The Exodus Phenomenon:

  • Analyse the correlation between Quiet Tears, hybrid working, and the increasing trend of people leaving their jobs.

Leadership Strategies:

  • Discuss the role of leadership in addressing issues related to Quiet Tears and preventing employee discontent.

Contd below:

Real quotes from real people that I have worked with.

"They listened but they didn't ask me the right questions"

"I don't want to leave but John just doesn't trust me when I am working from home. He says he does but then he Teams me 10 times a day instead of just letting me get on with it"

"My anxiety is through the roof because I cannot pay my bills and Susan told me to contact the EAP for counselling." I only get to see you face-to-face once a week was her reason"

That was it, wiped her hands of me and all I wanted to do was explain."

"The culture is very different to before the pandemic, it is not nice to work here anymore"

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